Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rotten apples and the cheer of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again … and I just love it! I love seeing friends from other parts of the country – especially Windhoek – bumping in each other here … I love chatting with strangers on the beach and have them leave their towels and stuff with me while I’m reading … (as if I don’t have the courage to also take a dip in the coldest of cold waters)

I love the hustle and bustle in the otherwise quiet shops and outlets … but most of all, I love the weather that this season spells … warm and sunny days, although the cold and misty days this season, still rule supreme!

I like the friendly faces and the cheerful energy amongst people who, throughout the year doesn’t even greet each other. Okay, okay … I know that phenomena only starts to happen when all the Christmas shopping is done and you’ve finally waved the crowded parking spaces our town has to offer, goodbye!

I love the smell of ginger beer in my house and even if my husband can’t drink it due to his sensitive ‘constitution’, I’ll make it again next year. The smell of ginger and fresh pineapple always takes me back … many moons away!

I love – when night falls – to go on a drive just to watch the kaleidoscope of colour and light! I love it when families and friends can leave their differences and cold wars for once and become close again … whole again and most of all, I love the message of Love and Forgiveness that the season brings … I call it Happiness Galore!

But what I don’t like is the sudden exploitation which we’re subjected to … the total commercialization of a time supposed to be merry, happy and peaceful. A friend recently commented via the social network, Face Book, that within the first two weeks in December, prizes here in Swakopmund soared sky-high.

We all know that Service and Products go hand in hand and the sad thing is that excellent service here at the Coast is a rare experience … thus making the compromise on the quality of the products, even more sad.

In the words of my friend: “‘fresh’ mixed nuts are now mixed with old past-its-sell-date nuts and there are two or more rotten apples or potatoes per pocket

So, for some this season is about happiness and joy and for some it has become a massive marketing event where businesses only focus on their products as a must-have-during-Christmas. Christmas has shifted from what the season is meant to represent, to where the consumer goods are in incredibly high demand … also reflecting our ever-increasing desires and wants at the same time – never to satisfy our greed …

Still, for me the season continues to be about sharing and love and yes, to be happy. But there is no way that I’ll be so over-happy and over-zealous that I’ll allow myself to be ripped off on products!

I sometimes still turn a blind eye when it comes to receiving bad service … for various reasons … which I shall not mention here, definitely later. But dear Mr Fresh Produce Provider, when it comes to things I must swallow, please be advised that I shall not compromise … And though I still need to buy them fruit and veggies, I shall simply just buy those ones I can feel and touch and smell … So, stop camouflaging the good ones with two or three rotten ones – otherwise your packaged goods might just become a total lost!

For none other than you!


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