Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Shiny One

Little Shiny One

Clarice S Theys

I’m no tragic figure

I’m just a woman through many storms …

In a life that’s maybe not right

And so what? My journey has no end!

Every minute is a new start

Every breath, every heartbeat in the wind

I’ll take it, embrace it, love it … fiercely

Why should I not?

It’s ticking away …

I’m from the earth … I’m not from this world

Must be why I can’t play these games

Games of profit, greed and pretence …

I’m the Sun – I’m Fire

I’m the Moon

I’m the Wind and bright falling Water

Soon I’ll be only an Echo

I’ll return to the Earth

And ride with the Wind …

And never stop playing with you

I’m your Little Shiny One!!


Clarice Theys said...

I'm so in love with writing ... just wonder what's going on lately!
It's as if none of my thoughts want to be put on paper ... Or am I just plain lazy? Or selfish not to share my beautiful thoughts?
Must be what the wise ones call the Block - Writer's Block that is ... thinking, pondering, even talking out loud but to put it in writing, nothing ...
No wonder famous, accomplished writers have a quiet place somewhere far away from the noise where they can create with ease and total surrender ...
Maybe, just maybe I should make that my Christmas wish this year - a place to retreat to when I have the urge to put my thoughts into writing ... Who knows, maybe it'll come true ... I've got so much to share!!!

Clarice said...

Hello Clarice,

I notice that we do have more in common than our names. I also write poems and short stories. Never had a blog though.

Writers Block, yes I know "him" very well, especially while I am home on the island, confronting day-to-day "harassments" that I really do not want to deal with, but unfortunately must do.

Keep on writing girl, just put your feelings and thoughts on paper.

Your friend from the dimension were souls meet.

Abraso (hugs)


Brookridge Publishing Inc said...

lovely poem.........i must admit it struck a code in me. Indeed writing is also a deep passion of mine. Sometimes i wonder what would happen to my thoughts if i didn't write them. My pen is my sword and my paper my world. Keep writing, its a beautiful thing, an expression of soul.


Clarice Theys said...

I can't believe time has gone by so quick!! I was here early in December 2009 and we're now in May 2010 already. So many things has happened already .. most distinctly the death of my father and how I wanted to write about it but still can't!
The dear friendship that went stale and my conviction that I should never give up on people and love?
I think I must just schedule myself a time slot to just come and sit here and do it! It will come .. I must just make the Time!